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Yesterday, today and tomorrow,

always close to our customers

People who work


We started in 1965 and since then we never stopped.
We believe in made in Italy, the true one, made of passion, mistakes, stubbornness, and search for perfection in every single detail.
We are able to do our work well, by putting our head, our heart, and our skill in it.

We design, develop, and produce small plastic and metal items for furniture industry. We have done it all our life, with our eyes peeled towards innovation and new technologies.
If something does not exist, we are ready to invent it:
our technical department is ready to study new proposals based on our clients’ needs, thanks to the support of state-of-the-art and latest generation tooling.

These are the people who work behind the scenes of the company and every day they contribute to make it grow more and more.
Let’s leave them speak for us:

Ficco S.r.l. - il nostro team

“I am the core of the company with a bent for things well done. I listen to the problems of old and new clients trying to solve them effectively and timely.”


“I lead all the activity. I work at the development of new products and I welcome every client’s request with the greatest care in order to find the most suitable solution for him/her.”


“As latecomer in the company, I cannot be but enthusiastic and proactive. I am responsible for quality control and nothing escapes me.”


“I am the right-hand and also the left-hand of the office. Do you need information on scheduling, preparation, and shipment of materials? Here I am!


“I am Francesco’s right-hand for single product engineering. Each project stimulates me and motivates me to do always better.”


“I deal with taking charge of orders and provide samplings: commercial offers for Italy and abroad are my bread and butter.”


“I am the historical memory of the company where I proudly manage the administrative part. I answer questions, solve doubts and uncertainties from everyone."


“I am the manager of iron and assembly department. I check that every single detail or plate particular is workmanlike assembled.”


“Plastic department, where we produce all the particulars of our products, needs a person like me: meticulous, punctual, and solicitous.”


“Shipment of orders, product logistics… It’s me who defines everything. Nothing leaves the company without my final control.”


“If you look for me, you can find me at the tooling and mould building department. I've processed the iron filings all my life, I am a real expert.”

Mario De